E m o t i o n a l _ L a b o r _ C o.

Emotional Labor Co. is a feminist, multi-media culture-making entity created by Mireya Lucio and Sallie Merkel.

p a s t _ p r o j e c t s .

The Commons

Public access-style morning show for witches, by witches!

Mireya Lucio and Sallie Merkel in "We Put A Spell on You" sing into a mic

Witches’ Cabarets

An ongoing, devised performance project in which Merkel and Mireya work with a community to create a showcase of musical numbers, vignettes and spells investigating women’s labor and the depiction of witches in popular culture. Each iteration of Witches Cabaret is unique and collaboratively generated by a coven of performers through a process-based, feminist ethos.

Our So-Called Sleepover…

…or Freud and Jung Crash 1995 Through a Ouija Board

Borrowing text from My So-Called Life, Freud & Jung’s work, and prominent feminist writings, ‘Sleepover…’ dives into a twenty-year-old female-centric pop culture time capsule, where Mireya Lucio and Sallie Merkel reenact versions of their pre-teen selves in a sleepover that never actually happened.